What does Jesus have to say about the things that worry you?


Anxiety. We don't want it, but it's there. We wake up in the morning and it doesn't take long for us to feel that feeling of worry creeping into our hearts. Sometimes it starts small, but other times it's so big it consumes our whole attention. If you stood in Jesus' presence carrying all that baggage, would you be able to describe what the look on His face would be?

At one point in history, our eternally present God stood humble as a man in front of crowds, saying the words, "Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on" (ESV, Matthew 6:25a). As Jesus heard people talk about the things they worried about, that's what He had to say to all of them.

What is it that worries you today? Are you anxious about your finances, your ministry, your family, your future or your career? If you stood in front of Jesus right now wearing that anxiety like a coat, what do you think He would comment about your fashion statement?

Obviously, we all know that Jesus dislikes worry, but often it's so hard for us to imagine in what way he dislikes it. We may think that Jesus looks at a worrier with disdain and disappointment. Many people see Jesus as the "worry police," ready to write a out ticket because you "didn't have enough faith." We think that God punishes worry because He wants to get even with us for being so unfaithful. Are those really accurate pictures of what Jesus would probably look like if He saw you with your worry?

Let me tell you today that Jesus sees your worry. He sees you wearing that worry like it is an extra limb. We just can't let go of it. We know it's not good to have it, but we keep holding on to it. Jesus sees that and He looks at you not in a condescending way but in a compassionate way.

The same Jesus who said, "Do not be anxious" is the same Jesus who said, "Come to me and I will give you rest." Jesus looks at your worries and invites you to lay them at His feet and let Him take control where you have lost control. When we bring our worries to the presence of God, He stretches out a hand and invites us to surrender them to Him and let Him handle them for us.

Jesus gladly accepts all the fear, anxiety, pain and uncertainty that plagues us because He wants us to run the race free of every weight and every distraction. When Jesus sees you carrying all the weight of worry, He tells you, "Let me carry that for you."

Whatever worry you face today, leave it at the feet of Jesus. That's where it's supposed to be.