Westminster launch for God's Justice Bible

Fiona Bruce MP (second from right) at the launch of God's Justice Bible.

Bible publishers Biblica Europe welcomed church leaders to the launch of the new God's Justice Bible at the Jubilee Room in the Palace of Westminster yesterday.

Hosted by executive director Lindsey Holley, the event featured contributions from Fiona Bruce MP, Langham Partnership director Dr Chris Wright and Dr Krish Kandiah, Founding Director of Home for Good.

God's Justice: The Holy Bible includes contributions from more than 50 scholars and theologians from all corners of the world. It provides commentary about how every book of the Bible speaks to God desire for justice. Each book of the Bible includes the complete text, along with helpful book introductions, notes, and a final page with questions for reflection or conversation and a closing prayer. Most of the writers from the international team are from the Global South.

Dr Krish Kandiah.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Kandiah said: "Justice is woven all the way through the Bible, but for many who have read it, they have missed that theme. Getting involved in justice is not a hobby. God's justice permeates the whole of scripture, and it should therefore permeate the whole of us too. My hope for this Bible is that justice would once again become the passion of God's Church."

The launch also featured the ministry edition that Compassion UK has commissioned with Biblica Europe. The ministry edition is available to any Christian organisation that would like a custom version for their ministry purposes and features a bespoke cover design and content.

Fiona Bruce MP said: "There's guidance in this book about themes important to us as MPs in this House, themes of family, modern day slavery, international aid, and supporting children."

The Hodder Faith edition is available now through all good Christian bookshops and online through eden.co.uk and Amazon.

Holley concluded, "When you read the Bible, God's justice is clearly at the very heart of who He is. We believe that this new Bible will help readers to not only engage in a fresh way with the biblical text, but understand at an even more profound level how God's justice can transform their lives."