Westboro Baptist Church to picket Philip Seymour Hoffman funeral

Philip Seymour Hoffman(Photo: Georges Biard)

They are one of the most hated groups in America but that has not stopped the people at Westboro Baptist Church from staging their "God Hates" pickets.

Last weekend it was the Super Bowl and next up on their hitlist appears to be the funeral of tragic actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. 

They were seen close to the MetLife stadium brandishing placards with slogans like "God Hates Fag Enablers" and "God Hates Your Idols".

Senior Westboro figure Margie Phelps told NJ.com news website: "It's a nice large crowd to remind them that if they put as much resources into reading the Bible and obeying God as they do in the Super Bowl, this nation wouldn't be doomed."

The fundamentalist church announced its plans to picket Hoffman's funeral via its Twitter page.

"If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? PICKET. #PhillipSeymourHoffman WBC bows b4 God in praise!"

It also posted crude tweets about the Oscar-winning actor, who was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on Sunday following a suspected drug overdose.

"This man had the breath in him. God said OBEY. #PhillipSeymourHoffman taught this generation that being a craven pervert/filthy fag was AOK!"

"Professing Hoffman to be wise, he became a fool. He changed the glory of God to be like corruptible man. #NowInHell"

According to media reports, a private wake for friends and family will be held for the actor at the Frank E Campbell funeral home on Thursday from 5pm to 9pm.

This will be followed by his funeral on Friday morning at St Ignatius of Loyola church on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

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