We pray for Madeleine McCann every day, says Archbishop

The Archbishop of York Dr John SentamuPA

The Archbishop of York and his staff say prayers every day in the chapel of Bishopthorpe Palace for missing Madeleine McCann.

She was abducted from a Portuguese resort six years ago last Friday while on holiday with her family.

Archbishop John Sentamu said: "I continue to pray for her safe return. Here at Bishopthorpe Palace prayers are said every day for Madeleine.

"Her picture is on the wall of our chapel – there is one photo of how she looked when she was abducted and one to show how she may look now.

"We should not give up hope, nor should we stop supporting those that are hurting."

Prayers were said in the chapel again on Friday for Madeleine and her family, including a special prayer written by the Archbishop on the first anniversary of her disappearance: 

Father God,
 We pray for Madeleine McCann.
 Keep her safe and take away her fear and anxiety.
 May your holy angels guard and protect her.
 We pray that she may be reunited with those who love her.
 Give hope to all her loved ones
 And hear our cry for her safe return
 We offer our prayer in the name of the Good Shepherd
 Jesus Christ, your Son and our Lord.

The Archbishop asked Christians to keep the McCanns and all families of missing children in their prayers.

"Please do keep Madeleine's family in your prayers – and also other families who still have children missing. Pray for peace and love to surround those who are suffering. When we see suffering, let us bring God's hope and comfort," he said.

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