'Wayward Pines' season 3 status still unclear; M. Night Shyamalan meets with FOX executives

Facebook/WaywardPinesA promotional image of "Wayward Pines" season 2.

It has been more than a year since "Wayward Pines" season 2 ended and to some, it seems that the show is all but gone. Fortunately, writer and director M. Night Shyamalan has met with FOX executives to discuss pre-production matters for season 3.

Currently, there is no set story yet for the third season of "Wayward Pines." This is unusual since it didn't follow the summer time release of the previous seasons. Shyamalan, known for his unique style of story-telling, must be taking his time in creating an apt follow-up to the well-received second season.

According to reports, Shyamalan has met with FOX CEO Dana Walden and Fox Entertainment President David Madden for casting ideas as well as possible stories, which means that the show's production hasn't even started. From the looks of it, it might take a while before this happens — if the network agrees to make a third season.

This puts "Wayward Pines" in a very awkward situation since no agreements have been made. Given these reports, it appears that it is more likely that the show's continuation is more at stake.

Viewership statistics for the previous seasons shows that season 2 didn't do as well as the first with a three million decline in viewership and lower ratings. These facts further support the possibility of the show being on the brink of cancellation.

Den of Geek stated that they feel like the first season can't really be topped. If Shyamalan can't think of a way to make the series more interesting, then it might be a better move for him to quit while he's ahead.

On the bright side, if there were to be a third season, it would most likely have new cast members — following the pattern of the first two, where characters from the past have cameo appearances. However, at this point, that may prove to be a big "if."