'We Need God to Help Us' says Anti-Gay Activist

SAN FRANCISCO--Gathered outside the San Francisco Civic Courthouse, activists from America Forever, an anti-gay activist group, say the focus of the issue on gay marriages should consider the children in the case made against gay marriages by Campaign for California Families (CCF), a statewide nonprofit, nonpartisan family issues leadership organization.

Protect the children,?chanted members of America Forever, who drove 12 hours from Salt Lake City, Utah, in order to let others know homosexuality is “selfish?and “an unnatural act? One sign read “Children Against Anti-Species i.e. Proganda i.e. (homosexual and lesbian)?

Judge Superior Court Judge Ronald Quidachay halted the hearing for recess and the case was left inconclusive. On March 29, the case will be resumed.

On the hearing, Sandra Rodriges, one of the activist leaders of America Forever said, “If they legalize it, they are legalizing Sodomy. If they legalize it, they are validating it. They are committing a crime against the minds of the children.?

Rodriges cited the 1982 case of New York v. Ferber where the Supreme Court ruled to protect the children under the age of 16 from being exposed to sexual conduct material.

America Forever is committed to end the support for gay marriages before more propaganda relating to sex issues reach the children. They believe that “the word (gay, homosexual, lesbian) can not be separated from the [sexual] act? Therefore, children of “tender ages?would become even more affected by the sexual propaganda as the dialogue on gay marriages will force its way into schools, homes, and society.

“We are here because we believe the silence of the people to be the loudest voice for this act,?said Rodriges, holding onto a banner that contained a message alluding to the 30-year-old statute. It read: “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Read No Evil?with corresponding images of monkeys enacting the slogan.

Civil rights cannot be used as a justifiable argument for same-sex unions, according to Rodriges who would not compromise with any marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. “What do you do next? Allow them marry with dogs??

"Repent America," a Philadelphia-based group opposed to "homosexual rights," also carried signs denouncing the unnatural act, listing homosexuality alongside the sins the Bible speaks of. One sign read, "Warning Fornicators, Thieves, God Haters, Drunkards, Adulterers, Liars, Homosexuals. Judgment."

The group also sang a rehearsed rhyme, in which one line said, “This nation stands for the truth.?

Truth to the matter is that in 2000, California voters passed Proposition 22, which defines marriage as a “union between a man and a woman? The marriage licenses that have been issued in San Francisco have violated more than just the California State law.

A few lines into the rhyme, the activists said, “We cry, we cry for this nation to never deceive human nature.?

“It’s not right,?said Dean Jason Jackson, an African-American male supporting the efforts of American Forever. “Things can be better. We need God to help us!?

He pointed toward the direction of a near-by park and said, “We are setting a bad example for the children.?

Although the activists were passionately voicing their view on the corner entrance of the courthouse, they assure the people that they do not tolerate hate crimes.

“I do not hate them,?said Rodriges. ?But] we cannot be silent so we can look at the future. We can look in the mirror and say, ‘we tried.’” The organization’s website displays a quote reading, “In America’s Greatness Lies the Hope of the World. In your hand lies the greatness of America.?

She also urges others to do their part.

“Pray that they will think about their children, and look at the future,?said Rodriges. “I can imagine the world will be an ugly world if the innocence is lost. Things will never be the same.?