WATCH: Gay Christian rock star Trey Pearson releases new music video 'showing the love of Jesus'

Trey Pearson came out as gay last year. His first new single tells some of his story.Trey Pearson/ Facebook

A gay Christian rock star has released his first single and music video since he came out about his sexuality.

Popular Christian musician Trey Pearson came out as gay in May 2016, in a letter to his fans. Pearson formerly fronted the successful Christian rock band Everyday Sunday. His newly released video Silver Horizon is a reflection and celebration of his journey and the reactions - postiitve and negative - that he has received from the Church community.

'The song is very much about my journey, especially over the last year and a half, but really kind of having to go through the darkness and the toughness — just all the hardship to find the light on the other side and the new beginning and the hope,' Pearson told RNS..

'I just wanted to find a way to portray that in the video.'

The video shows Pearson walking past a church, and then reluctantly wandering in. The church service features a reading from Paul's teaching on love in 1 Corinthians 13. A young gay man steps up to perform a song, and is later joined by another young man who shares a kiss with him on stage, to the applause and celebration of the congregation.

Pearson said the video reflected his experience of seeing churches become 'open and affirming' to the LGBT community, 'and, in all seriousness, my desire to continue to see a change. I wanted to make a video that portrays the church when it's at its best: unconditional love and joy and showing the love of Jesus'.

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