'War Room' scoring big at the box office — and changing people's lives for good as well

(Facebook/War Room)

The faith-based film "War Room," which shares the story of a couple on the brink of a divorce but who managed to save their marriage because of prayer, continues to impress moviegoers after it opened with a smashing $11 million box-office take during its first weekend on Aug. 29-30.

Co-writer and director Alex Kendrick, who worked on the movie with his brother Stephen, is pleased that their movie is doing very well in the box office up to now. But what makes him even happier is the fact that the movie is changing people's lives for good.

Breathe Cast said that Alex took to Facebook just to share the "incredible reports" he has received from viewers as to how the film has impacted their lives.

"There was a couple that left the movie together. The husband in the hallway outside of the theatre fell to his knees and apologised to his wife that he had been married to for decades, for several things that had happened in their marriage," Alex shared.

"A church group leaving the theatre saw this happen and circled up around them and began praying for them," he added.

And that's not all. "There was an African-American church [parishioner] and a predominately white church [parishioner] leaving the theatre at the same time. They met in the lobby, began talking, a prayer time broke out and then they started praising God in song in the atrium of this theatre," Alex said. "Linking arms and praying together with the employees going, 'What in the world is going on here?' It was like a church service!"

The director also shared several accounts of people breaking out into spontaneous prayers after watching the movie.

The movie has touched the hearts even of non-Christians. After watching the movie, they began accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, Alex said.

One such person is an unnamed young man who bought a ticket for an R-rated movie. He was caught by an elderly lady, who grabbed his hand and bought him a ticket for "War Room" instead. The boy gave his life to Jesus after watching the movie and even contacted the Kendrick brothers' studio just to let them know what a positive impact "War Room" has made on his life.