Wales: Church school pupils achieve 'above average'

|PIC1|In its first ever Educational Review, the Church in Wales claims that its schools “perform strongly” across the country, with Key Stage 2 results in core subjects “consistently above” the Welsh average.

The review, released by the Church’s Governing Body today, examined data from the independent Fischer Family Trust.

It refutes claims by critics that faith schools are selective, concluding that almost 80 per cent of the Church’s 168 schools serve the children in their locality “without regard to their parents’ faith”.

The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, welcomed the review. He said it showed that schools with a strong Christian ethos nurture and encourage their pupils and “help give them the best possible start in life”.

“That is why Church in Wales schools are successful and why there is a strong demand for places at them,” he said.

“We commissioned the review because we are committed to education and want to continue working, alongside the Welsh Government, to ensure these high standards are maintained and as many pupils as possible are able to benefit."

The review group included Dr Medwin Hughes, principal of Trinity University College in Carmarthen, as well as clergy and church school heads.