Viral video shows 2-year-old girl crying because Jesus loves her so much and she wants Him to come back

(PHOTO: SCREENSHOT/YOUTUBE VIDEO/ESPM)Two-year-old Ella Grace Pierce cries for Jesus.

An adorable little girl is shown crying in a new viral video saying, "Jesus loves me" and "I want Jesus to come."

The 38-second YouTube video posted on Friday that has gone viral shows two-year-old Ella Grace Pierce of Virginia talking to her mom, identified as Emily Bannard.

The video shows Ella Grace pursing her lips and crying uncontrollably as her mom asks her what's wrong.

"Why are you crying?" Emily asks her.

The little girl looks back and forth before answering, "Jesus."

"What about Jesus?" Emily asks.

Apparently wanting to have a longer talk with her mom on the subject, Ella Grace says, "Mommy, lay down."

Emily obliges, and again asks her child why she's crying.

Ella Grace, still crying, says, "'Cause Jesus ... Jesus loves me."

Emily laughs a bit and again asks her daughter, "So why are you crying?"

"I want Jesus to come," Ella Grace replies as she turns her head to the side, still crying.

In an interview with MailOnline, Emily revealed that Ella Grace started praying when she was just a year old.

"Ella is always talking about her love for Jesus," Emily said. "It really is so sweet and makes my heart so happy. We've always had strong faith in our family. Ella makes prayer a routine every night before bed and won't let you forget."

Emily said the first time she saw her daughter praying was last year when she saw a little boy at the park crying.

She said to this day Ella Grace continues to pray for that boy, who she has not seen again and didn't even know at the time.

Emily also revealed that her daughter "finds crosses in anything and everything" and that she loves to sing songs about Jesus.

"She is a little superstar and we are so proud," she said.

The YouTube video has drawn heart-warming comments.

"I wish I had her faith," one viewer says.

"At times, I lose my faith, but this video brought me to tears immediately. Shame on me for not giving my best at all times to my Master. May it be a blessing to everyone who sees it. Even So, come, Lord Jesus! Thank you for the faith of this little one. Amazing," another viewer gushes.

In another comment, one fan of the video said: "I understand completely. I am half a century older than this child, and Jesus' love for me melts me into tears on occasion. When you put your fists down, and the Spirit of God reveals to you who Jesus is, and what He did for you, it's impossible to not get emotional in some way."