Victoria Osteen says women — whether they be mothers or not — can inspire people with their words of faith

Victoria Osteen says, 'You never know what can happen when you touch just one life.'(Facebook/Victoria Osteen)

Victoria Osteen, the wife of popular Christian speaker and author Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church, is celebrating Mother's Day by recognising the positive impact women have made on the lives around them.

Osteen writes on her blog that women need not be mothers to inspire others. "Whether you are a mother or not, you can encourage, inspire, and invest in the lives of the people around you," she says. "Perhaps there are other children in your life—nieces, nephews, or your friends' children—that you can invest in and tell them how important they are. Your words of faith will be a great deposit into their futures."

Osteen wants women to remember that their words hold great power, and this is why they must take the time to speak words of faith and try to be a blessing to others because "you never know what can happen when you touch just one life."

Osteen cites the evangelist Timothy, who was blessed enough to have positive female role models to look up to. Even the Apostle Paul cannot help but notice how Timothy's mother and grandmother shaped his "great courage and confidence." Paul wrote, "Timothy, I can see the faith of your mother Eunice and your grandmother Lois in you."

Osteen hopes that women will find encouragement in Timothy's story and invest their love, time and patience on those around them.

"To all the mothers who have invested so much in the lives of their children, may you be blessed, strengthened, and empowered by His Spirit and may you know the greatness of the gift that you are to this world," she says.

Osteen is a mother herself. She and Joel have two children together named Jonathan and Alexandra. Like her husband, she has authored several books such as "Unexpected Treasures," "Gifts From the Heart," and "Victoria Ostend's Toddler Bible."