Vicars raise £1,000 drinking only water

Two Anglican vicars have raised more than £1,000 for charity by drinking only water for five weeks.

The Reverend Jane Bell and curate the Reverend Dan Pierce undertook the brave feat for Water Aid after being shocked to hear about the millions of people who have to live without ready access to drinking water.

Rev Pierce, who co-runs St John the Baptist and St James, in Stockton on Tees, with Rev Bell, said: "I had the idea when I was pouring a glass of water and thinking what an easy thing it is to do but that 700 million people do not have safe water to drink.

"I can turn on the tap but some people have to walk miles for their water. It's inconceivable.
I realised what a privilege it is to have water."

He and Rev Bell decided to do their part for water impoverished communities by abstaining from all other drinks until they had raised £1,000.

Rev Bell said: "That meant no tea or coffee, no squash or juice and no alcohol. It's not as easy at it sounds. For instance, I drink a lot of tea.

"We were delighted with the way people supported us and easily went past the thousand pounds mark."

They suffered headaches for the first few days as their bodies adapted to the absence of their daily intake of the caffeine and additives contained in drinks.

Rev Pierce said: "It makes you realise how dependent we are on the likes of caffeine but the headaches soon stopped and I actually felt healthier and more awake and lost weight.

"I have heard via Facebook of someone in New Zealand who is trying something similar having found out about what we are doing and we are already considering repeating the exercise next year."