Vicar fights Swansea lap dancing club application

A vicar in Swansea is fighting plans for a new lap dancing club and has called for the council to refuse the club’s application.

Fantasy Lounge submitted its plans to the council last month hoping to convert a derelict warehouse into an adult club.

The vicar of St Mary's in Swansea, Andrew Vessey, believes that the club would be an “inappropriate” use of space, and has told the council it has the chance to show it has standards.

He said: “What people do with their own money and time is up to them, but when it’s clearly open to the public in a city centre that has already got quite enough venues, there is a concern by those of us who have standards and ideals that this is inappropriate.

“It's an inappropriate use of space and inappropriate use of the female body.”

According to he said the club would be degrading and was purely about making money.

“Many of them are not doing this for fun, but because they have to for money. I think there comes a point where the public needs to be protected from people. It’s simply about making money. There must be a point where we say enough is enough.”

He concluded: “There must come a point where public concerns about standards have to be listened to.”