Veggiecational: Our favourite veg come to digital books

Children's favourite 'VeggieTales' is back and this time in the form of five new digital storybooks.

Many of us of 'Generation Y' who were brought up in Christian homes will fondly remember from our own childhoods the VeggieTales, a series of computer animated films that retold Bible stories and taught moral lessons in line with the Christian faith.

Featuring a plethora of talking vegetables, including favourites Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, the series helped to bring the Bible to life for its young audience.

Now, twenty years after its initial release in 1993, the creative team behind VeggieTales has produced five 'Veggiecational' digital books.

Available on iPads, it is hoped that the new App will provide a complete and educational experience for families. Classic stories and characters have been remixed and regenerated for the tech-savvy modern audience, and will help users to learn numbers, shapes, colours and time.

Featuring animations, sounds and 3D effects, the digital books are fully interactive and users are encouraged to create their own versions of the stories; swapping fonts and rewriting words. The creators of the app, Storypanda, believe this will inspire and stimulate creativity beyond the act of reading alone, in addition to helping develop vital motor skills.

Bob and Larry's ABC is the first in the Veggiecational series to be published, and the creators hope that the spirited legumes will make a welcome return into the homes and lives of Christian families.