Value people more than money and materials - bishop

The Bishop of Hereford has asked people to think about who and what they value most in the light of recent headlines.

Responding to the abduction of April Jones and reports of large scale abuse by Jimmy Savile, Bishop Anthony Priddis said the terrible headlines underlined the need for people to love and care for each other, particularly the young.

"So often we can give the impression that money or material things or fame come first, rather than people," he said.

"Few of us really believe that, but we can easily live as though that appears to be the case."

He urged people to put others first and do everything they can to let them know how valued and loved they are.

"This is the responsibility and joy for all of us as parents and grandparents, but it needs us also to care for those not just in our own families but among our friends and wider community," the bishop said.

He added: "There is no risk free society or risk free living. There are no perfect lives lived by you and me.

"We all need to let these tragic stories about children and young people help strengthen our loving concern for them and one another."