US needs 'slap in face to jolt itself out of insanity, sex anarchy'— Christian author

Christian author Larry Tomczak believes the American people 'have crossed a line in our ever-escalating sinfulness.'(Larry Tomczak Ministries Inc.)

Best-selling Christian author Larry Tomczak sent shock waves to his readers when he made remarks recently where he seemed to be praying or calling for God to bring judgment on America to bring an end to the unabated acts of wickedness happening in the country.

"Larry, I'm shocked that you say you are actually praying for judgment on our nation! That's not loving," one of his readers said.

But Tomczak strongly denied this. "For the record, I am not calling for God to send fire and destroy human beings. I'm not petitioning the Almighty to send asteroids, tsunamis or city-destroying earthquakes," he said in an opinion piece published in Charisma News on Wednesday.

What he is actually praying for is a "jolt to awaken us from our stupor ... a slap in the face to jolt us ... out of our present insanity and sexual anarchy."

Tomczak believes that the American people "have crossed a line in our ever-escalating sinfulness before a holy God who has blessed this nation like none other in history."

He cited numerous sinful acts prevailing in America. Among them:

* The "unfettered baby-killing and selling of body parts" [referring to the scandalous abortion practices at Planned Parenthood];

* Homosexual marriages which "are now the law of the land;"

* Former President Jimmy Carter, "who says he is born again," declaring "'I think Jesus would encourage any love affair if it was honest. ... I believe Jesus would approve gay marriage;'"

* Hostility to and persecution of Christians, including last week's massacre of nine Christian students and their professor inside their classroom at a college in Oregon;

* Saturday Night Live mocking Kim Davis "as a crazed moron," and Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee "being portrayed as delusional, dementia patients";

* One hundred-seventy-seven US congressional representatives voting down the law requiring doctors to save babies who survive an abortion—infanticide;

* Euthanasia or assisted suicide legalised in numerous states including California, "letting doctors drug patients to death";

* Cable and now network TV featuring nudity, profanity and homosexuality as "standard fare"; and

* "Drug and sex-saturated concerts/festivals including 'Burning Man' week of debauchery and Madonna's profane 'Rebel Heart' tour with the theme 'Desecration of the Bride and Arrival of Fallen Angels.'"

Considering all these, Tomczak said "the trajectory is clear about where this nation is heading."

He said something has to be done urgently to stop America from sinking further into sin. "Our children's and grandchildren's lives are at stake, in addition to the unborn babies facing the guillotine," he said.

Tomczak said what righteous Christians can do is to "challenge" their pastors that "this is not a time for maintaining the status quo in religion by lifting up a few mini-prayers and enjoying some uplifting, happy '3 Ways to Beat the Blues' sermons!"

He said "America is on a precipice and our only hope is in the Gospel proclaimed to transform hearts and fervent prayer that I believe now includes a component of appealing for God's justice and His judgment."