'Urgent need' for trained street evangelists

Creative means continues to attract people and reinforce the biblical message

Despite the colder months, one ambitious Christian group has been looking forward to getting out on the streets. Motivated to preach the Gospel publicly, they are participants of a practical course, 'Streetwise', conducted by OAC Ministries (Open Air Campaigners). The first session took place on Saturday 18 January, at St John's Church in Stratford, London.

Streetwise aims to equip anyone who wants to share their faith individually or as part of their church outreach. It consists of lectures and workshops as well as practical outreach. Although the London team of professional OAC evangelists offers supervision and complete back-up, they want to encourage others in their gifts and calling. Topics covered include the evangelist and the church as well as theology. Team work is emphasised along with personal evangelism and giving a Gospel invitation.

"A professionally run interesting, practical and really fun course," commented a student from a previous Streetwise course.

"There is an urgent need for willing volunteers, who are well trained, to clearly present the most important message in the whole world," says OAC Evangelist Steve Gurnett.

Designed with busy people in mind, sessions take place just one Saturday each month for six consecutive months.

"One aim of OAC is to help equip fellow Christians so that they can better serve their church in evangelism," notes National Director Peter Kennelly. "The comprehensive and challenging Streetwise course does just that."

Streetwise emphasises simple messages to clearly present Christ which are accompanied by painting on a sketch board. This creative means continues to attract people and reinforce the biblical message.

"Over the years we have trained people who have gone on to use their skills all over the world," observes Gurnett.

"We know for a fact that our students have used sketch board evangelism in India, Poland and Greece.

"Others, who have remained in the UK, use their skills to successfully present the Gospel both on the streets and in other settings."