Upcoming movie 'Amerigeddon' depicts apocalyptic U.S. scenario after EMP attack zaps out electricity


What will you do if an attack on the power grid zaps out electricity in the entire country? This means there will be no money from electricity-dependent banks, no electronic means of communications such as cell phones, computers and the Internet, and no other life conveniences such as appliances and modes of transportation that rely on electric power.

This scary apocalyptic scenario will be portrayed on the big screen in the upcoming movie entitled "Amerigeddon," directed by Mike Norris and produced by Gary Heavin.

In the movie, which hits theatres on May 13, the power shutdown is caused by large-scale electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, orchestrated by the U.S. government itself and the United Nations. The film depicts a likely scenario after this attack: the declaration of martial law in the U.S., stripping citizens of their rights.

Norris shared that Hollywood's big movie studios did not want to touch the project due to its plot, so he and Heavin ultimately decided to independently produce the film.

Norris, the son of legendary actor Chuck Norris, described "Amerigeddon" as "a film of passion"

"We just decided we're going to do it ourselves. We said we'll go take it to the theaters in areas that we think people would gravitate toward a film like this," the director told WND.com.

He added that the film will definitely appeal to Americans, especially those who value their freedom.

"It's something that resonates with people that believe in the First Amendment, the Second Amendment; people that believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights – this is a movie that was created just for them," Norris said.

The film director further said that "Amerigeddon" will ultimately be a critique of the U.S. government, which he said is already shifting little by little into tyranny.

"We were just trying to get a message across that we feel the government is overreaching its authority; Obama is ruling from the bench, our rights are being infringed on a daily basis," Norris said.

"But it wasn't until the movie's done, we're finished and getting ready to put it out that it just kind of all fell into place and just became very timely with what's happening in the world. So, really, it was kind of an accident that this film is coming out at this time in our country," he added.

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