'Uncharted 4' release nears as development team welcomes two remarkable artists

In an effort to make "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" a visual triumph as much as a gameplay feat, game developer Naughty Dog has enlisted the help of two talented artists. The heaping proof of their animating and character modeling prowess is found on their profiles and social media accounts online. 

The first one Naughty Dog recruited to the team is a hardened character artist named Glauco Longhi, who has lent his talents to different CG and production studios. This artist also happens to know a good load about sculpting, which clearly shows.

Longhi's specialty and work, which he frequently shares on his Twitter account, are creating human character models that are incredibly realistic. The facials are spot on and the intricate details on them have people thinking that the model is actually a human. Clearly, this is the kind of talent Naughty Dog is looking for.

Alongside Longhi's skill is that of another talented artist's. Jacob Norris, who helped Konami with "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain," is a texture and 3D artist and a former environment artist whose expertise can help Naughty Dog create visually stunning settings for the upcoming game. Norris has also shown his animating chops on several Insomniac Games like "Sunset Overdrive," "Resistance 3" and "Fuse," games that can be lauded for having such stunning landscapes. 

Naughty Dog's ambitious take on the next "Uncharted" installment unmistakably reflects on their decision to have a couple of remarkable talents around. With Longhi and Norris onboard, the upcoming title will surely be one epic action-adventure third-person shooter platform video game. 

Now, fans should be more excited to see "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End," which will be rolled out this year.