UK churches praying for North Korea

Churches and individual Christians are signing up to pray for North Korea over the next two years.

Project Cyrus is the initiative of BMS World Mission and is inspired by Cyrus the Great, a powerful Persian ruler in the sixth century BC who liberated the Jewish people from their Babylonian captors.

"It is this spirit of benevolence and commitment to the liberation of the oppressed that Project Cyrus seeks to pray for in North Korea," BMS World Mission.

The project is also inspired by 1 Timothy 2:1-2 (The Message): "Pray every way you know how ... and especially for rulers and governments to do well."

The church in North Korea exists within a climate of fear and oppression.  There is no religious freedom in the hermit communist country and Christians face imprisonment and even torture if their faith is discovered by the authorities.

"Will you partner with us in prayer for North Korea over the next two years?" said BMS.

"Will you pray for a new freedom in North Korea to allow believers to share the good news of Jesus without persecution?"

Individuals and churches that sign up will receive free monthly updates, a bookmark and prayer wrist band.

There are also regular PowerPoints for church services and prayer meetings.

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