UK Church Brings 'God Pod' into the Community

A church has converted a van to deliver God's message into the communities and create a congregation.

The God Pod, a converted van, is run by the Lincoln North Circuit of Methodist Churches and visits Cherry Willingham and the St Giles estate every week.

Ministers in a part of Lincoln have set up the 'church on wheels' in a bid to attract a wider congregation.

Organisers say the pod aims to offer help and advice while spreading the word of God to people who would not normally go to church.

Dennis Turner from the Cherry Willingham Methodist Church, said: "The God Pod is about bringing the church into the heart of the community, making people aware that they can find spiritual help, social help and that we care - don't come to us we're coming to you."

The organisers hope the van will eventually be able to travel across the county.

He said the new mobile service was not set up to tackle a dwindling congregation as numbers attending his local churches were increasing.

"Some people don't go to church anymore, it seems to be a bit of a trend but we want them to realise that the church is alive and well and there to meet needs and there to help people find help."