Tutu Made Honorary Fellow of Guild of Church Musicians

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been made an Honorary Fellow of the Guild of Church Musicians. The award was given at a ceremony led by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor on 7 November at Westminster Cathedral.

The Cardinal, who is patron of the Guild, presented Archbishop Tutu with the award during the annual presentation held after a service of afternoon prayer.

The award was given in recognition of his work as a theologian and church leader.

Archbishop Tutu has now been awarded more than 180 awards and fellowships including a Nobel Prize for his work over the years.

Cardinal Murphy-O'Conner said at the award, "You have received many awards in your life, but this is an important one too. It is good that the harmony of peace and reconciliation in your life is being recognised."

The Guild's John Ewington said that he had received the award for his work as an "outstanding Christian leader" and theologian.

Archbishop Tutu responded saying that, "It is not that I cannot sing a note, what I cannot do is read music... Fortunately, as he has pointed out, it is not for my musical ability so much as I suppose the fact that I can pass off for a theologian."

Archbishop Tutu expressed his thanks to all those who had helped him in his work as a theologian and church leader, especially Robert Runcie who served as Archbishop of Canterbury between 1980 and 1991.

Speaking in tribute of those who helped in the struggle against apartheid, Archbishop Tutu said, "The church worldwide needed that leadership and now today we are free."