Tune into ‘Help! It’s Christmas’ This Sunday

|PIC1|Don’t forget to set your video recorders for 9:55am on Christmas Day for the amazing reality/documentary TV show following a leading Christian pastor in his attempts to put together a Christmas nativity play starring ordinary teenagers from several housing estates in Waterloo, London.

Rev. Steve Chalke, founder of Faithworks and head of Church.co.uk, was set the challenge of pulling the production together in a few weeks with no money and no professional actors for the show ‘Help! It’s Christmas’.

“This nativity captures so much of the true spirit of Christmas,” said Rev. Steve Chalke. “Viewers who tune into ITV on Christmas Day morning will catch a glimpse, not just of a nativity, but of ordinary people showing the nation that the Christmas story is not just for the religious – it is for everyone.”

Chalke roped in not just the sceptical Waterloo residents but also Theatre Design students from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, as well as a number of celebrities including pop star Daniel Bedingfield, former ‘I’m a Celebrity’ contestant Sheila Ferguson and ex-GMTV presenter Anthea Turner.

The celebrities provided the teenage novices with voice coaching, acting lessons and good old moral support before their big performance in the nativity play on Saturday 10th December in the Jubilee Gardens opposite the Millennium Wheel.|AD|

The twenty-odd budding actors and actresses were even treated to a visit to the sets of Coronation Street and Emmerdale, where they were able to pick up acting tips from several of the soap opera stars.

“I have really enjoyed being a part of this nativity,” said 18-year-old local resident Ricky Garrett. “Having cameras film me has been a new experience, it has made me feel famous for a few weeks, whereas otherwise life is pretty normal.

“I think this nativity will help local people realise there are good things – things to be proud of – in our neighbourhood.”

Catch ‘Help! It’s Christmas’ this Christmas morning on ITV1, 9:55am – 10:55am.