Tullian Tchividjian Has Remarried, Preaches about God's 'Magnificent Intervention'

Tullian Tchividjian has remarried.Stacie Tchividjian/Facebook

Tullian Tchividjian, the grandson of Billy Graham whose marriage and ministry collapsed after revelations of inappropriate relationships with women, has remarried.

His new wife Stacie posted on Facebook on November 19 about a visit the couple had made to a church in Santa Rosa where Tchividjian preached, saying: "What an honor it was to be invited to Spring Hills Community Church and sincerely welcomed by such a loving staff & congregation! Our time in Santa Rosa was too short, but SO wonderful... Tullian Tchividjian (my amazing Hubby!) delivered an authentic, powerful message... here it is below if you'd like to listen! Enjoy!

"'Sinners are Loved by a God who infallibly bends towards us, even while we perpetually bend away from Him.' –TT."

A message of congratulations to her on her marriage was posted on November 8.

Spring Hills Church describes itself as "a refreshing, upbeat, yet challenging Bible-based Christian church". 

Tchividjian says in the sermon: "Good meets us in messy places because messy places are all that there are. He comes to meet us in dark places because dark places are all that there are... He loves us because we are bad and dirty."

Tchividjian was deposed from ministry at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church after he and his then-wife Kim both admitted extra-marital affairs. He was hired for a non-ministry post by Willow Creek Church, but it later emerged that as well as the inappropriate relationship to which he confessed, Tchividjian was also involved with another woman. He was fired by Willow Creek in March 2016.

Willow Creek's pastor Kevin Labby said: "The disclosures that he made involved the fact that he had a previously unconfessed inappropriate relationship with another woman. He didn't share specifics with us." 

Tchividjian's LIBERATE ministry later folded.

In an article for the ExPastors.com website, he opened up about the events, saying: "The loss of close friendships, the loss of financial stability, the loss of purpose, the loss of confidence in God's goodness, the loss of hope, the loss of joy, the loss of opportunity, the loss of life as I knew it.

"Life went from feeling like a fairy tale to feeling like a violent tragedy."

He confessed to thoughts of suicide, but said he had found hope in a new understanding of what Christ's death on the Cross really means: "The gospel doesn't just free you from what other people think about you; it frees you from what you think about yourself."