True Blood season 6 spoilers: Vampire death and Warlow's story to be revealed in episode 5 [VIDEOS]

The True Blood Facebook page posted this teaser photo ahead of the Season 6 premiere.(Facebook/HBO True Blood)

Episode 5 of HBO hit vampire drama True Blood will offer some clues as to what happened to Warlow after Sookie sedued him in last week's episode.

TVLine shared some spoilers this week regarding Warlow: "This week, you'll learn a whole lot more about exactly how the rare fairy vampire came into existence. Plus, it will make a bit more sense why Sookie waited until after she and her latest suitor were half naked before revealing that she knew his true identity."

Another spoiler revealed on Spoiler TV shows Jessica upset at what she did to the other fairy girls and asks Jason for help.

TV Guide also shared some details on Bill's visions of death. "Bill's scary prophecy may come true sooner than we expected. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, since it will show a hilarious new side of fan favorite Pam. Unfortunately, it will also put her at odds with Eric in a way that will make fans very angry."

Episode 4 ended last week with Sookie threatening to kill Warlow while he is on top of her. She built up a light of her faerie power, the only thing that can kill Warlow, saying: "I'd be real careful what you say right now because I've got a vampire killer ball of light behind your head and I'm not afraid to use it."

Ben backed off of her, saying: "Sookie, you don't understand."

He declared his love for her saying: "I've wandered this earth for millennia in misery and solitude waiting. Dreaming of you…It's our destiny to be together..I love you."

However, Sookie screamed back: "Don't you dare say you love me you psycho freak. If you love me so much then why did you kill my parents?"

Tune into HBO at 9 p.m. on Sunday July 14 to watch episode 5 of True Blood.

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