Triple O review – Telescopes & White Roses

MOBO 2011 award winner Triple O, who is known for his dynamic rhymes addressing his life as a young Christian, has recently blessed the population with his latest project entitled Telescopes & White Roses.

Now for those who are somewhat uneducated concerning the UK gospel music scene, Triple O is most definitely one to watch, working what appears to be tirelessly to bring the truth to those who are in Christ and are yet to find Him.

Triple O's newest album, which was released in October 2013 and is in fact free of charge, has generated a lot of buzz, being described as "a blessing" and an "inspiring" piece of artistry.

Triple O draws on various genres and displays his eclectic and versatile nature as an artist, incorporating sounds which can be pocketed into categories such as rock, soul, R'n'B, hip hop and dubstep - a varied track list that can be embraced by many.

Although an acknowledgement of the quality of production is to be noted and commended, the most important element of Triple O's music is the message and this can be seen from the album.

Triple O embodies transparency in a way which is not often seen in many artists. All guards are down in this project, as Triple O takes us through his mind and heart, engaging with the highs and lows of the Christian walk, without taking away from the rewards which are to be enjoyed in Christ.

Songs such as 'Yahweh' and 'White Roses' jump out of the album, representing what appears to be Triple O's love letters to God and songs of adoration. "Nobody can ever compare to your majesty, just let me see you" is Triple O's proclamation, giving praise to the Father in the acknowledgement that God Inclined His ear and heard Triple O's plea for mercy.

The heart of the glorious gospel seeps through the lyrical content, as Triple O shows his complete sinfulness, insufficiency and need for God whilst expressing the way in which God, in His abundant mercy, embraces Him not for anything that he has earned as a human being, but for God's loving kindness and the unmerited favour received from the Most High God.

How often we forget this truth and allow ourselves to be bogged down in living with the burden of our sinfulness outside of the scope of the cross and the sacrifice of Christ Jesus. I am therefore compelled to thank Triple O for his refreshing album, drawing many back to the truth of the gospel and leaving the souls of the audience refreshed by the honesty with which he shares his life in Christ and Christ in him.

The album is currently available for download by visiting Triple O's website and following the instructions. This album has been thoroughly enjoyed and we at Christian Today eagerly anticipate anything that the UK gospel rapper will release in the future.

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