Trans woman rejects policy that allows men to enter restrooms for women, urges separate facilities for transgenders

Transgender woman Jaqueline Sephora Andrews says 'in a time when so many sexual assaults go unreported, we're telling [girls] that their boundaries don't matter.'(Screenshot/YouTube/Alliance Defending Freedom)

A member of the transgender community in the U.S. is opposing the controversial new policy supported by the federal government that allows biological males who identify themselves as women to use restrooms and other facilities reserved for women.

Jaqueline Sephora Andrews, born male but who identifies himself as female, said the policy could be used by any man to enter a women's bathroom.

"I am a transwoman and a parent, but I totally reject this," she says in a video made by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), according to LifeSite News.

The video presents people who have been affected by rape and sexual assault.

Andrews says the inclusive restroom policy comes at a time when many sexual assault cases go unreported.

"In a time when so many sexual assaults go unreported, we're telling [girls] that their boundaries don't matter. When they say no, people won't listen. They'll be blamed for being uncomfortable," she says.

She says it's time to protect the safety of women and children.

"Passing this law is not the way to do it," she says, adding that the real victims of the transgender activism are women.

She proposes that there should be a separate bathroom space for transgenders.

"I personally think there should be a separate space for trans[gender people], or anyone, that they can access," that "protects trans safety...and the privacy of anyone," she says.

Andrews says members of one gender should not demand recognition but accept their identity.

On Twitter, she says "trans is a product of a rigid patriarchal society. As society becomes more accepting, transgenderism becomes less desired."

Andrews says "transwomen will never be actual women."

The U.S. federal government recently sued North Carolina for passing House Bill 2, which directs public schools, government agencies and public college campuses to impose the policy that restrooms and changing facilities should be used by people based on their biological sex, according to ABC News.

In turn, North Carolina sued the Obama administration for trying to coerce U.S. public schools to allow transgenders to use their preferred restrooms and other facilities regardless of gender difference.