Transgender activist agrees with Donald Trump's military ban, says 'We should be disqualified'

(Photo: The Blaze)Edie Dixon

Donald Trump is getting a lot of hate right now over his ban on transgender people in the military but one transwoman is going against the grain by saying he is right. 

The media has widely covered the backlash against Trump's shock decision, particularly from within the trans community, with the likes of reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner strongly criticizing him.

But one surprising voice of support is coming from within the trans community.

Edie Dixon was born a male in a conservative Catholic family in Cuba but now identifies as a transwoman and, similar to Jenner, is an open Trump supporter.  She even claims to have been rejected by the LGBT community in Portland because she wore a 'Make America Great Again' cap to show her support for Trump.

But unlike Jenner, who attacked Trump over his military ban, Dixon thinks it's right.

She explained her surprising position to The Blaze arguing that transgender people are no more entitled to be in the military than people who suffer from diabetes or asthma. 

Dixon even said she is 'very satisfied' with the policy and doesn't think it's a sign Trump is anti-LGBT.  

'We are no better than diabetics. We are no better than asthmatics. We should be disqualified at enlistment because we are medically reliant,' she told Blaze TV.

She said: 'This is Trump showing he is a president for equality, because this isn't about transgender people, this is about transgender treatment.'

In fact, Edie, who calls herself a 'devout constitutionalist,' she says she is 'most definitely' pleased with Trump's presidency so far, even though she doesn't agree with everything.

She is even supportive of his position on transgender bathroom rights, something that has been at the center of a fiery debate in American politics right now as many transgender people are fighting for access to the bathroom of their choice.  Women critics, though, fear that allowing men who identify as female into women's bathrooms and changing areas is putting them at risk of sexual assault or voyeurism. 

'I feel Trump is doing a great job of protecting the United States and our people,' said Dixon. 'That is the focus right now ... it's not where I go to the bathroom....we dont need any more political correctness in this country. Giving people an extra privilege to go into the military just because of political correctness to me is a special right, that's not equal rights.'

And she had some strong words for the political Left that she used to belong to precisely because she thought it supported tolerance and inclusiveness.

'The Left has flip flopped.  It's all hypocrisy and they are not for tolerance anymore, they are against free speech,' she said.  

'It's not an equal rights movement anymore, it's a political agenda movement, it's a liberal agenda movement.'