'Transformers 5' movie news: Akiva Goldsman to write fifth 'Transformers'?

Age of Extinction website

The plans for an upcoming sequel to "Transformers: Age of Extinction" is in full swing.

Paramount Pictures is reportedly in talks with noted screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to work with the series' director Michael Bay and producers Steven Spielberg and Lorenzo di Bonaventura for the next "Transformer" film. Goldsman, whose portfolio includes "A Beautiful Mind", among others, will be an overseer and will supervise the team of writers for the plot and story line. Deadline reports that Goldsman and his pool of writers will brainstorm for spin-offs in the film hammer down the details for the next "Transformers".

Movie critics are saying that the producers need to come up with fresh ideas for the story of the next film, as its predecessor, "Age of Extinction" failed to impress pundits. The movie, however, still became one of the highest grossing films of 2014.

The movie circles are already speculating on what Goldsman will pen for this film. In the last one, Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, is seen leaving Earth for space in search of the Creators. Pundits say that the next story could chronicle Optimus' journey and will no longer feature human characters. However, this is in contradiction with a report confirming that Mark Wahlberg will return for the next installment.

However, if Michael Bay will indeed do away with human partners in the next film, it seems it will be a full CGI project with lots of transforming characters. Hardcore fans are already coming up with predictions on what Transformers races the film will feature, including the Dinobots, the original Transformers, and even the original Primes.

If, however, the film will indeed map out the journey of Optimus Prime in his search, then the movie could become a combination of live-action and CGI, with other human characters making an appearance as other species other than humans from Earth.