Tracy Morgan says he knows why 'God spared my life' in horror car accident as he promotes new TBS show 'The Last O.G.'

Comedian Tracy Morgan is promoting his new TBS show, 'The Last O.G.'(PHOTO: Instagram/Tracy Morgan)

After almost losing his life due to a car accident back in June 2014, comedian Tracy Morgan is back with a new TBS show called "The Last O.G."

During the screening of the premiere in Brooklyn, Morgan got emotional as recalled the accident that almost claimed his life and he thanked God for giving him a second lease of life, according to the Daily Mail. "I know why God spared my life that day in that accident," he said. "It was to bring love and to bring hope."

"Forget the 49 years of my life, let's think about the last three. The accident was three years ago, and am I a better man now than I was? The answer is yes!" he said.

The "30 Rock" star was in a coma for two weeks because of the accident, and he suffered from a "traumatic brain injury" after his car was hit by a Walmart truck driver who reportedly hadn't slept in over a day at the time. Morgan also sustained a broken leg, nose, and ribs in the crash. Unfortunately, his friend and fellow comedian James McNair did not make it.

Morgan paid tribute to McNair during the premiere and lauded him as "one of the real OGs." Another person Morgan thanked was rapper Busta Rhymes - a childhood friend who firmly stood by his side throughout the long recovery.

"[Busta] sent me a video just giving me love and hope and that inspired me to get out of that wheelchair and just work harder in therapy," Morgan shared.

Busta is likewise inspired by Morgan's strength and resiliency, according to Variety. He confessed he was "genuinely afraid" of losing his friend after the accident, so Morgan's recovery story will undoubtedly touch the hearts of countless viewers. "He still makes us smile. He still makes us laugh. Bounce back, work hard, and make no excuses!" he continued.

"The Last O.G." will premieres on April 3 on TBS.