Tornado causes Mississippi news station to evacuate on-air [Video]

At least 11 people killed by the storm on Monday.

Weatherman evacuates on-air in MississippiVideo Screenshot

A fast thinking Mississippi weatherman ordered a news station evacuation on April 28 while cameras were still rolling.

After warning of a tornado ripping through Tupelo, where the station is located, WTVA chief meteorologist Matt Laubhan ordered an immediate evacuation.

"Everybody, basement, now! Basement now! Let's go," Laubhan directed before rushing off set.

Off-screen, viewers hear him exclaim, "Now!"

Other news station employees can be heard saying "Let's go," and calling out staff members' names.

Laubhan later tweeted, "We are safe here. How is it in your area? Send us pictures and updates by using #wtva42814."


Before the evacuation, Laubhan warned of a tornado emergency in Lee County, and a tornado touchdown in west Jackson.

Seven people were killed in Mississippi yesterday, six of them in Winston County. One woman was killed in Tupelo after her car was either blown off the road or hydroplaned. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant declared a state of emergency in advance of Monday's storms.

Two people were killed in Tennessee's Lincoln County on Monday night after a tornado hit their home.

Alabama officials confirmed two deaths in their state. A total number of reported deaths remain unconfirmed.

Winston Medical Center senior emergency room physician, Dr. Michael Henry, illustrated how quickly a tornado can strike.

"We thought we were going to be OK, then a guy came in and said, 'It's here right now,'" Dr. Henry, told the Associated Press.

"Then boom ... it blew through."

The tornado tore holes in the Louisville, Mississippi hospital's roof.

Between 7 a.m. on Sunday and 5 a.m. on Tuesday, The Weather Channel's Storm Prediction Center received 476 severe weather reports, including over 90 reports of tornadoes.

Through Tuesday night, Mississippi is at risk of tornadoes, large hail, and strong winds, with southeastern Mississippi at high risk.

The Weather Channel Twitter

Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are possible through Wednesday in parts of the Midwest, southeast coastal states, and in the Mid-Atlantic. Weather Channel reporters also warn of flooding, hail, and heavy rainfall.

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