Top 9 Watch Dogs cheats and tips for PS4 and Xbox One consoles

Watch Dogs release on May 27.Facebook/WatchDogsGame

Ubisoft recently released a patch for the PC version of Watch Dogs that was supposed to resolve some of the annoying issues in the game. However, many users took to the forum saying that the new patch did not fix the bugs, but made it worse.

However, with certain tips and tricks, the player can unlock various features for an enhanced experience of the game. Below are the top 9 Watch Dogs cheats and tips for PS4 and Xbox One players.

1. In "The Loop" district, players can get into a mini-game of "High Stakes Poker". However, players can cheat through hacking the camera at the top left part of the venue. With the use of the camera, the player can view the facial expressions of his or her opponents or see the cards.

2. A biometric assault rifle that is based on weapons Magpul Masada and Remington ACR can be unlocked from successfully finishing the pre-order "Signature Shot" downloadable missions.

3. Unlock and finish the QR Code investigation quest in order to find all of the QR codes scattered throughout the world will notify the gamer of the assignment, then the player will be able to use the Gangster, which is based on the Thompson M1 "Tommy Gun" used by mobsters.

4. If the player finds the seven out of the eight hidden burner phones will unlock the Vespid LE, which is a muscle car based on the 1973 Dodge Charger on the show 'Burn Notice'.

5. Finding all of the phones will make the player get the "Sanity Check" achievement.

6. When the player finishes the "Palace Park" quest, the pay in hacking banks will increase. Moreover, it will allow more extensive investigative opportunities in network databanks.

7. Completing "The Breakthrough Pack" will unlock the vehicle expert perk. This perk will give the players free vehicles from the underground car contact and will give discounts on some cars. However, "The Breakthrough Pack" is available in the Ubisoft's Uplay store for an additional fee.

8. Pre-order the "Signature Shot" downloadable missions and the black viceroy's outfit will be given to the player.

9. Retrieved the hacking boots from DedSec and White Hacker outfits by giving the player one extra battery slot.

Watch Dogs follows the story of hacker Aiden Pearce who uses the technology and his hacking abilities to turn Chicago into a weapon against his adversaries. Ubisoft released the game on May 27 and has numerous features to be unlocked to help the gamer throughout the game. Watch Dogs is currently available for the PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC for $59.99.

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