Tom Hiddleston reveals details about Loki in 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Facebook/ThorThe cast of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, "Thor:Ragnarok."

Tom Hiddleston recently spilled the beans about Loki in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film, "Thor: Ragnarok." He explained his character's change of tone as the trickster joins forces with his brother and ex-nemesis to take on a new challenge.

There's a reason as to why Loki is deemed as the most popular villain the MCU has had. There are a lot of interesting layers to the character, unlike other anti-heroes whom fans have criticized as boring, ill-defined and one-dimensional. The British actor has crafted not only the signature Marvel villain but also one of the greatest superhero villains to date.

In an interview with Collider, Hiddleston discussed some details about Loki and the forthcoming film, "Thor: Ragnarok."When asked if the character changed at all, the actor revealed that Loki did, adding, "[T]hat's in his nature. He's a mercurial spirit, and the minute you try to define him, he changes shape. Events in 'Ragnarok' do try and inspire him to change forever."

The British actor then explained that Loki was challenged to define himself after he faced a threat — the appearance of the Goddess of Death, Hela (Cate Blanchett). He said that Loki and the other characters underestimated her strength. He added that Hela is all-powerful, and everything about her surprised the trickster and his brother, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), as well.

When asked about the view of Loki toward Thor in the upcoming movie, Hiddleston revealed that the villain felt troubled about the fact that his brother might be indifferent. Viewers have gotten to see a bit of Thor's escalating indifference towards Loki already.

The pair butted heads with one another in the previous installment, but the god of thunder was less emotional about their reunion that expected. The Asgard hero worked with his clever brother when needed and apparently parted ways when forced.

However, it appears like the two will rekindle their bond as siblings in "Thor: Ragnarok" and work together to bring down a fiery rival. Much to his surprise, Loki will find out that his brother, Thor, has already moved on from the issues and emotions that defined their past relationship.