'Tom Clancy's The Division' update: Open beta a huge success

Game developer and publisher Ubisoft is conducting the open beta for "Tom Clancy's The Division," and just like the closed beta it held last month, it is producing quite impressive results. A huge number of players on different platforms are participating in this last test before the game's official launch in March. Ubisoft does not have the exact numbers yet, but it is expected to be huge.

Based on information from "The Division's" daily briefing, players have eliminated 11.8 million high-ranking Cleaners. The Cleaners are some of the non-playable characters players encounter in the game. This and other NPCs, namely The Rikers, Rioters, and The Last Man Battalion, don't just stand around and stare back or move away from the players -- they engage and shoot back as well.

Due to this high number, Ubisoft decided to reward the players -- or agents, as they are called in the game -- with multiple Dark Zone keys to open up crates that contain important loot. The Dark Zone is the secluded area in the game where players can fight each other out, but there are still high and low ranking Cleaners roaming around.

Ubisoft also decided to reward Day Two high-achievers. An agent named josechutorechu gained a unique reward for taking down 82 high ranking Cleaners. A special reward was also given to alfabale11 for sparing 10 in-game lives attempting to extract a single precious loot.

VG24/7 also reported that on the first day of the open beta, 275 million low-ranking Cleaners were eliminated by the players. Ubisoft also gave special awards to the highest achievers for that day, sK Hazards and Hype x Sanity.

The highly successful open beta has provided the game studio a huge amount of feedback and ideas that came from the players. This amount of information is crucial to any game developer, and Ubisoft is very thankful to all the players who spared their precious time.

The game company is scheduled to close down the servers of "Tom Clancy's The Division" on Monday, Feb. 22, at 7 a.m. EST (1 p.m. CET, 4 a.m. PST). Those who want to watch some live in-game action or previously recorded videos can view them on Twitch TV.

"Tom Clancy's The Division will be released on March 8 and will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $99.99 USD and will include a Season Pass, three expansion packs and an exclusive National Guard Gear Set.