'Tom Clancy's The Division' 1.8 update 'Resistance' is scheduled to release this autumn

Twitter/TheDivisionGame"Tom Clancy's The Division" introduced Skirmish as a new PvP mode in Update 1.8.

Developed by Massive Entertainment and issued by Ubisoft, "Tom Clancy's The Division" has received positive reviews since it was released last year. Reports revealed that the famous online role-playing game (RPG) will release its biggest "The Division" 1.8 update titled "Resistance."

The update will add a new map and two new modes, according to reports. The West Side Pier, a new area which spreads across two new zones, will be accessible to all players. Gamers will have to accomplish a mission — which is to investigate the area and confirm that there is indeed a coalition forging on the West Side Pier and to determine why there is a sudden interest on the place.

A new Player vs Environment (PvE) mode in "The Division" is also named as Resistance. Essentially, it is a horde mode where players can either go solo or team to battle waves of oncoming enemies. Skirmish is also a new Player vs Player (PvP) mode, where players can do battle in a 4v4 mode with no Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance and no mission, other than killing the other team within a set time limit.

Moreover, "The Division" 1.8 update will include developments to the Underground downloadable content, a revamp of the rogue mechanics, as well as an optimization of the gear system. It will let the players improve the statistics of their favorite weapons. A new trailer, shown below, showcased the update, which is scheduled to release this autumn.

In its latest "State of the Game," Ubisoft shared more information on how the Rogue System will be changing when "The Division" 1.8 update is out. They also reminded players of the offenses that could lead to getting them banned.

The site revealed that the developers are done with the weekly maintenance and announced that they banned a lot of "users who abused the RPM glitch" and there will be more bans implemented in the future. It went on to remind that "multiple offenses will lead into a permanent ban to a player accounts."