'Tokyo Ghoul 3' updates: season 3 not confirmed; live action movie expected later this year

"Tokyo Ghoul" episode screenshot.Funimation

Fans were pleased when reports about "Tokyo Ghoul 3" surfaced last month. However, they will have to wait longer for further updates, as there was a mistake in the initial announcement.

Last month, Viz Media Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Kevin Hamric had an interview with ICv2 to discuss some of the anime titles.

When they talked about updates in the streaming environment and other new shows coming this year, Hamric revealed, "Nothing that's been recently released, but 'One-Punch Man' is coming back on with season two. There's going to be another season of 'Tokyo Ghoul' coming shortly. Later in the year, those would be the bigger releases on the anime side."

However, Hamric made an honest mistake in his statement as he was referring to "My Hero Academia" instead of "Tokyo Ghoul 3." As of the writing, the transcript of the original interview has also been corrected.

To date, no official news or information has been revealed regarding a third season of "Tokyo Ghoul."

The dark fantasy title initially aired in 2011, while season 2 of the show concluded in 2015. Although there is no update yet regarding "Tokyo Ghoul 3," fans who want to refresh their minds on the story may watch its first season as Toonami announced that starting March 25, the network will be replacing the time slot dedicated for "One Piece" with "Tokyo Ghoul."

Toonami did not indicate the reason behind the change, but according to Comicbook, it is very likely that the network did this move as a step to boost the ratings in the time slot. Fans were very receptive to "One Piece" in its initial debut, during which the show gathered millions of viewers, but the numbers started to slowly decline through time.

Aside from this, "Tokyo Ghoul" will have a live action movie speculated to be coming later this year.

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