Toddler found in trunk [VIDEO]: Isaiah Theis' body found in customer's car - how did he get in?

The body of a two-year-old boy from Wisconsin has been found in a trunk on Wednesday.

Isaiah Theis' body was discovered in the trunk of a customer's car near his home where his father runs an auto repair shop after he disappeared Tuesday night. The boy's body was only discovered at 10:15 Wednesday in a locked car parked outside of his parents' home.

Police are questioning how the toddler managed to get locked in the trunk. Investigators failed to look in the trunk of the car despite scouring the woods and fields to look for the boy.

Steve Moe of the Polk County Sherriff's office said in a press conference Thursday: "We were operating under the belief that there was no access to those vehicles, and finding out later there was, I was surprised."

The car had been searched for the missing boy but they did not look inside the trunk. Moe said that he wished searchers had looked inside the trunk. "Would we liked to have forced entry to the car? Yeah, from my personal perspective," he said.

The statement said that a full autopsy is underway to determine the cause of death.

Theis' father runs an auto repair shop and he had multiple cars in his care on Wednesday.

Authorities presumed that the toddler had wandered off into the fields. "It was that belief that dominated the search," Moe said.

Theis' body was only discovered when the owner of the car arrived at his home to remove his car.

See a video of the press conference below:

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