Tobymac runs for hope

He's not just a legendary Christian music artist. Toby Mac also has a big heart to help give kids a new future.

On 28 April, he'll be laying down the mic and picking up his running shoes for the Country Music Marathon.

It's the third year in a row that he's running for New Hope Academy in Tennessee, a Christ-centred school educating children from low-income families.

The school's vision is to break down racial and class divisions and turn spiritual poverty into community and possibility.

Fifty per cent of the places in the school are reserved for children from low income families.

TobyMac hopes to raise funds towards scholarships to help some of the students.

He says: “I'm raising funds to help provide scholarships to those students. But it's really about much more than raising money for scholarships - it's about changing lives."

To donate to Tobymac, visit: http//

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