TLC new reality shows 2014: 'The Speegle Life,' 'Risking it All,' 'Listed Sisters'

DCL/TLC.comTLC's "Sister Wives"

TLC has announced three new family-oriented programs to join their already reality show-heavy line-up. Joining TLC hit shows such as "Sister Wives," "The Little Couple," and "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," will be "The Speegle Life," "Risking It All," and "Listed Sisters."

As reported by Yahoo's The Wrap, "The Speegle Life" will follow the lives of a successful pastoral family in Florida that relocates to Alabama to help their daughters start their own church.

"Risking It All" features families who live without any modern luxuries in the hopes of becoming a closer family.

Three pairs of sisters, all real estate mavens, appear in "Listed Sisters." The show follows the entrepreneurs as they navigate their high stakes industry.

New specials include "Long Lost Family," a docu-style drama that follows people's journeys to find long-lost loved ones. The show is presented by Shed Media US, the producers of "Basketball Wives LA" and "The Real Housewives of New York City."

A traveling musical family of 10 is featured on "Welcome to Allentown," a TLC special that will show how this family manages its challenging and unique lifestyle.

TLC previously announced former "King of Queens" star Leah Remini's new reality show, "The Leah Remini Project." The show follows the actress and her family, with husband Angelo and daughter Sofia sure to make appearances.

In addition to the new shows and specials, the station announced a new television series, "TLC Family Reunion."

"Kate Plus 8" will appear first in the "TLC Family Reunion" series, as fans revisit the 13 year-old twins and 10 year-old sextuplets of Kate Gosselin.

Fan favorite "Quints by Surprise," will be revisited when TLC presents a "Quints by Surprise: 5 Years Old" special as part of the "TLC Family Reunion." The episode will check in on the Jones family's now five-year old quintuplets.

TLC has had great success in the Women ages 25-54 and Adults 18-49 demographics with their family-focused reality programming.

"Family has always been a core part of the DNA of TLC," General Manager Nancy Daniels told TheWrap. "We just think there's something utterly relatable about family shows that connects with our audience and they come to us for those kinds of shows. The key is finding interesting and exciting families that we want to follow."