'Titanfall 2' free downloadable content news: announcement on new downloadable content coming March 23

A promotional image for "Titanfall 2."Facebook/titanfallgame

Word has been going around that fans of "Titanfall 2" have grown concerned about the game's future because its developer has been hardly communicative since the game was released and the Angel City downloadable content (DLC) was launched. However, Respawn Entertainment has finally spoken up about the state of the "Titanfall" franchise through a new blog post.

In a new community update, Respawn says that the franchise is indeed progressing and there may be more DLC coming soon. "Right now we're focused on the long term future of Titanfall and we're excited about it," the post states. "The core Titanfall team is working away on lots of cool stuff, whether that be DLC for Titanfall 2, action blocks and prototypes for future Titanfall projects, or other crazy science experiments. We're just getting started, and we can't wait to take you, our Community, along for this ride."

Regarding the much-awaited DLC update, the post states that details about it will be revealed on March 23.

Respawn also admits its shortcomings when it comes to communicating updates to users, which has caused the fans to be concerned about the future of "Titanfall" in the first place. To make up for it, the video game developer says that it will be conducting a Q&A video series, along with developer blogs, starting next month. This is to ensure that Respawn will be able to let people in on the progress of game development and to let the players' voices be heard through feedback.

Gamers from all around the globe have found "Titanfall 2" to be an exciting game to play, especially that it is said to be consistent with its predecessor. According to PC Gamer's verdict, the "Titanfall" sequel "was the best multiplayer shooter of 2016."

"Titanfall 2" is a first-person shooter video game and is the sequel to Respawn's award-winning "Titanfall" game. It is playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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