Tim Tebow keeping faith in God while still hoping for new signing

Former NFL star remains in playing condition.

Tim TebowWikimedia

Despite not playing in an NFL regular season game since December 2012, Tim Tebow commits to keeping himself in top condition should a team come calling.

The former quarterback was spotted at a Scottsdale, Arizona facility last week completing NFL training exercises.

Tebow has been working with Performance Enhancement Professional's Ian Danney and is seeing and feeling the results of his hard work.

"I come here to get all the therapy, and get my conditioning in, and I love it," he told FOX10.

"I feel great, I'm feeling the strongest, healthiest... throwing the best I ever have. So, I'm just really excited about the improvement."

Tebow signed on as a commentator for ESPN's SEC Network at the end of last year, but his contract allows him to pursue playing opportunities.

"I feel like I'm the best that I've ever been as a quarterback right now, I hope I get the opportunity to show that," he told ESPN in January. "But I'm also looking forward to being part of 'SEC Nation' and part of ESPN."

Tebow, 26, recently purchased a $1.4 million, 6,525-square-foot home on Jacksonville's Glen Kernan Golf and Country Club. Orlando Predators owner David Siegel hopes that the Floridian will consider playing for his arena football team.

"If anyone knows Tim Tebow, tell him to call me," Siegel told reporters last week. "The team number is 844-455-PRED."

Tebow has not publicly responded to Siegel's request.

He said last week that he is putting his future in the hands of the Lord.

"One of my favorite quotes is: 'I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future,'" he told FOX10.

"In that, it gives you peace to just continue to work and go after what your heart desires. And when you do that, you don't have any regrets. And that's the best way to live life."


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