Tim Keller says cancer outlook is 'extremely encouraging'

Tim Keller

Tim Keller has more good news to share in his fight against pancreatic cancer.

The popular pastor and author said the results of a scan in May have shown to be "extremely encouraging" with no signs of cancer growth despite his treatment shifting down to a "less aggressive" form of chemotherapy. 

In his update via social media on Sunday, the 70-year-old added that he had undergone surgery at the end of last month to remove several nodules "that had remained unchanged for 9 months".

Despite the challenges, he said God was "always loving, wise and good".

The battle is not over yet, though, and he is continuing to pray.

"At this point the only visible cancer is the primary tumor on the pancreas," he said.

"We are praying that it will decrease to the point of invisibility or remain unchanged.

"In any event, we want to glorify God by 'running the race set before us with perseverance.' (Hebrews 12:1-2)."

He thanked supporters for their prayers, adding that he was doing "very well" and keeping busy with some writing, online speaking engagements, and time with his grandchildren.

Keller was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in May 2020. He is already a survivor of thyroid cancer.

In February this year, Keller said there had been a "significant" decrease in the size of the tumor on his pancreas after undergoing 14 rounds of chemo. 

Throughout his cancer treatment, Keller has spoken of his faith in God and commitment to prayer. 

Half a year into his treatment, he said his biggest fear was not dying but leaving his wife Kathy behind.