Tim Hughes' Worship Central to Encounter, Equip and Empower

|TOP|Worship Central, a worship training programme led by popular worship artist/songwriter Tim Hughes, announced dates for future conferences following its successful launch in 6 May.

The next worship training conference is scheduled for 23 September, following the first which attracted around 700 worship leaders and trainees.

Three afternoon workshops have been announced to ‘ENCOUNTER, EQUIP, and EMPOWER’ worship trainees.

The ENCOUNTER session, entitled ‘God the Creator’, will be led by Graham Tomlin. Aiming to enlarge the view of God, Tomlin will ‘unpack God as Creator and inspire to worship Him in fresh ways.’

The EQUIP session will be led by Terl Bryant for the ‘Drum Workshop’, and will call all drummers and percussionists, and take them through some practical and spiritual approaches to drumming.

Lastly, Tim Hughes will EMPOWER the worshippers in ‘Band Dynamics’. Hughes will cover questions like ‘How do you work as a band? How do you musically arrange songs? How do you keep things creative and fresh?’

“We’re going to do monthly podcasts and retreats — there’s one on February and one in May," Hughes shared with Christian Today.

|AD|“The heart is to find as many ways possible to resource worship leaders and musicians to strengthen the church.”

The first training day included space for worship and ministry; teaching to inspire and challenge through a range of practical workshops led by Tim Hughes, Mike Pilavachi, Al Gordon and Mark Beswick.

Workshops included “The Sound of the Heart” by Al Gordon, which explored into the values of worship, and “The Journey of Worship” led by Tim Hughes, where he guided worshippers to take a practical look into leading a session of worship.

In addition, Mark Beswick led the “Vocal Workshop,” where he brought his vast experience as a vocal coach to equip people in how to most effectively use and train their voices.

Nicky Gumbel, Alpha Chaplain commented: “Worship Central is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to develop the worship life of their local church."

For more information, go to WorshipCentral.org.uk.