Tim Hughes Leads as New Worship School Opens in London

|TOP|The first session of Worship Central - a school of worship to train and equip worship leaders, musicians and worshippers - takes place today at the Holy Trinity Brompton church in London.

In partnership with Soul Survivor, the new ministry will be led by renowned worship leader Tim Hughes.

Hughes, who has previously led worship at many events in the UK and around the world such as SoulintheCity, Soul Survivor, Passion for Your Name and Hillsongs conference, comments: “There is an urgent need to train and resource worship leaders and musicians to grow in their giftings. My hope is that Worship Central will be a place where this can happen.”

|AD|The first training day will include space for worship and ministry; teaching to inspire and challenge through a range of practical workshops led by Tim Hughes, Mike Pilavachi, Al Gordon and Mark Beswick.

Workshops include “The Sound of the Heart” by Al Gordon, which will explore into the values of worship, and “The Journey of Worship” led by Tim Hughes, where he will guide worshippers to take a practical look into leading a session of worship.

In addition, Mark Beswick will lead the “Vocal Workshop,” where he will bring his vast experience as a vocal coach to equip people in how to most effectively use and train their voices.

Doors at the event will open 10am, workshops starting from 2:30 to 4pm, and the day will conclude at 8:30pm.

Nicky Gumbel, Alpha Chaplain comments: “Worship Central is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to develop the worship life of their local church."

Worship Central will include future training days, conferences and retreats. The next conference date is set for 23rd September, 2006. The last conference ends 14th July, 2007.