Tim Tebow Says Miracle Should Not Be Attributed to Him But to God Instead

New York Mets outfielder Tim Tebow (third from right) leans over and prays for a fan who suffered seizure and fell unconscious on the field after chasing a fly ball during a game.(Screenshot/CNN/KNXV)

Former NFL star Tim Tebow, who is now playing the outfielder position for the New York Mets, is being hailed as a miracle worker after his prayer apparently helped save a fan who suffered a seizure and fell unconscious on the field during a game.

The fan named Brandon came to Tebow's attention last Tuesday while the Christian athlete was signing autographs. The fan was trying to chase down a fly ball when he dropped on the concrete floor. He then started having seizure and then passed out. To help, Tebow touched the fan's leg and started praying for him. Brandon then regained consciousness.

People who saw the act were amazed by what happened. When the praises started pouring in, Tebow turned the attention to God and said he was simply performing his Christian duty to "be there for people." At the same time, Tebow clarified that he was not the one who performed the miracle, but God.

"As far as me and miracles, no. But in the God that we serve, yeah, I do believe in miracles," Tebow said, according to USA Today. "I don't know what the situation was, but I know that the God that I get to serve is the God that always performs miracles in people's lives every day, all the time."

Tebow looked after Brandon for 15 minutes before the paramedics arrived. When asked why he helped the fan, Tebow answered, "What choice do you have? What would be more important, that I go to the locker room and I get on the bus and we get back a little bit quicker?

"In my opinion it's not even a choice. It's the right thing to do," he said. "It's what you're supposed to do, in my opinion, and in those moments be there for people to help people because there's not a bigger, better, greater thing you can do in life than to be there for people in life, in a time of need, to help them."