Tides: First full-length studio recording from Bethel Music

The first full-length studio recording from Bethel Music releases this September.

Tides features original songs and music by worship leaders at the California-based Bethel Church - Brian and Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger, William Matthews, Matt Stinton and Hunter Thompson.

The album is due out from Bethel on September 3 via Fuel Distribution and Tonetree Music.

Bethel promises a collection of "passionate emotion, anthemic declaration, and sometimes surprising experimentation".

"We've made a commitment to always try to use musicians in the local church," Brian Johnson says. "The people you hear on the albums are the normal worship leaders in our church. We try to keep connected as much as we can. Everyone has a position in a local church."

Lead single "Chasing You" is a Jenn Johnson pop song about following God with insatiable abandon.

The album's theme is the certainty that God is in control no matter what circumstances we might encounter in life.

"Through it all, God is in control," says Brian Johnson. "Through the whole album, there's struggle, there's tension, but then there is a reminder that God is always in control."

A clip of "Chasing You" and an inside look at the making of the song can be watched here: