Thousands of young Christians take stand against slavery

The petition being delivered to Theresa May

A petition condemning modern-day slavery was signed by 9,000 young Christians.

The petition was started by Soul Action and signed by young people who attended the Christian summer festival Soul Survivor.

Soul Action is a partnership between Soul Survivor and Tearfund aiming to help people engage with God's passion to pursue justice around the world.

It asks the Government to enact the Modern Slavery Bill to bring justice to the 30 million people around the world trapped in farms, brothels and sweatshops.

It also demands a Transparency in Supply Chains (UK) Bill to make it possible for consumers to know that the goods they buy are guaranteed slavery-free.

Teenagers and students representing Soul Action handed the petition in to Home Secretary Theresa May on Wednesday.

She said: "Modern-day slavery is one of the greatest evils of our time and requires everyone to make a stand for freedom and fight for justice on behalf of the millions who are trapped.

"That is why I am introducing a Modern Slavery Bill and, with the help of young people like these, we will redouble our efforts to end slavery.

"Thank you to the thousands of young people from Soul Action for ensuring that the voices of the enslaved are not lost."

Mike Pilavachi of Soul Survivor added: "Many great movements have had young people at the forefront and it's inspiring to see so many standing up against the injustice of modern-day slavery. It is our job to keep fighting on behalf of the poor, marginalised, downtrodden and forgotten.

"Christians are called to love God and love their neighbours and these young people are showing us the way forward. Thank you so much to the 9,000 people who signed.  Together we have made our voices heard and we'll keep finding ways to make a stand for those who are voiceless."

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