Thousands of students hear Gospel across Europe's universities

A Europe-wide initiative to bring students to Christ has been met with an enthusiastic response.

The Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe (FEUER) is being led jointly by the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) and UCCF: The Christian Unions.

FEUER got underway in 2008 and is in the midst of a campaign to hold university missions in 25 major cities in 25 countries in 25 months.

Evangelists are giving gospel presentations across the continent under the leadership of Lindsay Brown, International Director of the Lausanne Movement, Richard Cunningham, Director of UCCF, and Martin Haizmann, IFES Europe Regional Secretary.

Thousands of students have heard gospel presentations at over 90 missions in UK universities.

In the last six months, missions have also been held in Poland, Romania, Armenia and Malta, the latter being joined by the Maltese prime minister.

At one mission week in Serbia, a crowd of 1,700 people came to hear an evangelistic message, while over 35,000 participated on the internet.

In addition to proclaiming the Gospel, the young evangelists are engaging audiences in apologetic dialogue.

More mission weeks are set to take place in Germany, Italy, Albania, and Denmark in the coming weeks.

Mr Brown said: "FEUER is bearing remarkable fruit right across Europe.

"Hundreds of students are coming to Christ and the next generation of public evangelists are being trained to follow in the footsteps of Michael Green, Roger Carswell and Jurgen Spiess.

"These are exciting times. Please pray for us."