This 'drive-thru' in Texas satisfies hunger of a different kind — the spiritual kind


If you need a quick meal to satisfy your hunger on the road, the drive-thru is the place to go.

Now, in a city in Texas, there's a different drive-thru—one that caters to people who have a different kind of hunger to satiate: the hunger for spiritual nutrition amid all the mounting negativities everywhere.

Instead of fast food, this drive-thru in El Paso offers prayers to people badly in need of something to hold on in the quicksand of problems they find themselves in.

Heeding Jesus' words in Matthew 4:4 that "man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God," evangelist T.C. Bryant started the unique prayer service through his nonprofit organisation, J.C. is Lord Ministries, CBN News reports.

The organisation has been raising funds to put up billboards around the city that show messages like, "Just Keep Praying."

The setting up of prayer billboards is not really new. Bryant said he has been putting up these billboards for 30 years now, estimating that he must have already put up some 50 million of such boards.

Entering Bryant's prayer drive-thru, motorists will be greeted by religious themed T-shirts and banners, promoting the emergency prayer service at the former gas station.

"That's the call of God in my life. It's the only way I can explain it," Bryant said. "He told me through a prophet he was going to use me through unconventional ways ... and that many wouldn't understand it," Bryant told CBN News.

He said he does not charge people seeking prayers in his drive-thru, although some of them give unsolicited donations.

Bryant said the thing that sustains his enterprise is faith, not real money. "It's done by faith. Faith is my money. When you're walking with God, it's got to be your money. ... We've lived by faith all these years and we have seen God supply and meet the needs," Bryant said.

He said people come to his drive-thru in search of cures and miracles for all the problems that afflict them, and he tries his best to be of help. "People are in need of miracles. Every day, people are in need of prayer," he said.