This Christian believes Hollywood's #MeToo movement is 'totally phony'

(PHOTO: Pixabay)

Hollywood is now taking a big stand against sexual harassment and exploitation, and many celebrities have joined the #MeToo movement to prove that they are done with the objectification of women.

As wonderful as the new movement sounds, Bill Donohue, who is the president of the Catholic League, believes that some of the celebrities taking part in it are just phonies. "All the Hollywood gals, and many of the guys, are desperate to show how protective they are of women being exploited by men, but few of them mean it. If they did, they wouldn't continue to make shows and movies that debase women," he wrote for Charisma News.

Donohue then explained his criticism by citing CBS Corporation, which owns Showtime. One of its programs, "Shameless," is "vulgar, misogynistic and anti-Christian," he said. In its December 31 episode, a character named Ian (Cameron Monaghan) - the gay son of a crook named William H. Macy - is confronted by a pastor who believes in conversion therapy for homosexuals.

"The pastor, of course, is a zealot who goads a sexually confused female, asking her if she wants 'to be cured of the homosexuality disease and go back to being a normal girl again.' Ian, the gay activist, is so upset that he pledges to 'beat the [expletive] out of this guy,'" said Donohue.

Donohue said that CBS Corporation's Board of Directors has 15 members, three of whom are women. There are 10 executives, but none of them are female. "That sounds about what we would expect from a media giant that touts its support for women's rights - its leadership is 88 percent male," he said.

He is asking the three women board members  - Shari Redstone, Linda M. Griego and Martha Minow - if they support the #MeToo movement. If yes, he is wondering how they feel about shows that celebrate "carpet munching," and whether they see it as being contradictory to the cause.

"I will not ask if they are offended by anti-Christian shows; I already know the answer," he said. "One final thought. At the Golden Globes Awards, William H. Macy spoke out strongly in favor of #MeToo. That he is undermining this cause by participating in 'carpet munching' shows is not something he is likely to comprehend. Thus, no attempt will be made to contact him."

Earlier, Christian actress and producer Roma Downey told CBN News that "the lights are on" now when it comes to sexual abuse in Hollywood. Because of this, Downey believes the landscape will change for future actors and actresses.

"I'm prayerful and hopeful," Downey said. "I'm hopeful for new generations of young people coming into our industry that a different demand and expectation of behavior will be in place."